City Tours in Southern Kyrgyzstan. In Osh and Özgön cities

world heritage site and museum inside of cave.osh city

Osh is 3000 years old city and has many historical,cultural monuments.It is a fusion of Kyrgyz ,Uzbek, Russian, Chinese culturs,cuisine, architecture.


Do you know that the word Osh means  a world famous  rice meal, otherwise known as the Plov? 


Osh is a birthplace of that famous in  Asia and world meal!


Osh has the second biggest historical monument

 in  the world, dedicated to the national hero


Osh has so much to see, to taste

that it will take the whole  day  to walk to famous Solomon mountain


To visit its old bazar,historical monuments  and taste famous Osh rice  meal and lagman!

Which i consider to be one of the best in the world,and very many people do agree with me!






Osh-city Short  Tour:

Tour includes visiting  the Only  world heritage site in  Kyrgyzstan,

Visiting museums,craftsmen,

Visiting places of historical,cultural and spiritual significanse



          50- euros for group of 2 people

          60-euros for group of 3 people

          70-euros for group of 5 people  

          90-euros for group of 7 people

          120 euros for group of 10 people




Osh-city Big Tour

Tour includes:


Visiting All  places and monuments of historical,cultural,spiritual significanse

Visiting All museums,craftsmen+Having a lunch ang Having a diner





80-euros for group of 2-people

100-euros for group of 3-people

150-euros for group of 5-people

200-euros for group of 7 people

350 euros for group of 10 people 







Özgön was a capital of Karahanid 

dynasty,one of most influential kingdoms of Central Asia in 11th-13 th centuries  



 Özgon has historical monuments of that epoch                                                             

11th-12th century mausoleum in Özgön city. Southern Kyrgyzstan
11th-12th century mausoleum in Özgön city. Southern Kyrgyzstan

City Tour in Osh and Özgön cities

Tour includes visiting Osh and Özgön cities


Visiting  places of historical,cultural,spiritual significanse both in Osh and Özgön cities

Having a lunch and a meal 





200-euros for group of 2-people

250-euros for group of 3-people

300-euros for group of 5-people

400 euros for group of 7-people

600 euros for group of 10- people






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and want something


that is considered to be the  really difficult,by other guides ,travel agencies,


THAN feel free to disscuss your idea with me.


I will do my best to help!






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