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And here's my story:


 It took me only the half of the day to learn how to speak the Russian language .And I stil cannot understand and explain how it happened


when I was about 5 years old

my mother took me to the kindergarten in the  Osh-city


At that time

I could speak only my native  Kyrgyz language.

I spoke it

in my  family, in the  village, where I lived 


Then my parents moved to the Osh-city,where at that time (I mean the time of the Soviet Union ) lived many ethnic Russians


My mother enrolled me to the kindergarten. There were many Russian children there


On the first day

one of the nurses took me to the large room, said something in Russian (the language of instructions was the Russian)


I guess she introduced me to other children


Then I took a seat on the carpet



 I still remember I had a strange feeling


I was sitting still, not moving a single muscle


But it wasn't uncomfortable


It was as if  I chose most comfortable sitting position


I was sitting still, but comfortable




And I heard nothing. 


A Russian girl of about my age, was pushing and  pulling me


Other children tryed to push and pull me too



But  they couldn't move me from the 

place I was sitting on   


I didn't feel the pushings and pullings




A girl was  saying something to me


I heard nothing.I saw everything but I heard nothing




I had been sitting for half of a day

When the nurse came again to the room and said something in Russian


And all of sudden I heard the Russian girl  saying to me in Russian:

 " Let's go to the dinning room to have a dinner!"


I understood everything. 


All of sudden I could again hear everything


I moved


And followed that girl and went to the dinning room. 




After many years I still cannot understand and explain:


 What happened to me? 



if you had the same or similar experience


Please get in touch with me:




WhatsApp:+996 555 030 030