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There's no photos of the faraway summer pastures in Southern Kyrgyzstan mountains. 

Because no Nomads go there to camp with their Cattle. 

There are different reasons but main reasons are two:

1. It's far and long way

2.there are no car roads to get there .

Only the horse paths 

Kyrgyz Nomads migrating in mass from their Homeland and there are simply enough summer pastures , more close to the villages

It's probably The third reason

To give you the idea how far those summer pastures from the villages.

It's from Two to Four days just to get there!

On narrow horse paths. Up and down. Crossing the small and middle rivers. 

And mountain rivers have much more  strong current Theo those on flat land.

I visited those now forgotten summer pastures mores than Forty years ago. 

Many things might have changed!

I guess no old paths, no old sign how to get there. 

And no the  old Nomads who remember the way to there.

It's quite a challenge. 

It's really exploring the unknown land.

If there's someone who interested in my offer to ho there, please contact me: