Yeti in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz call it Albarsty

Good day to all reading this message!  

Yeti in Kyrgyz language is called Albarsty.

I saw Yeti (Albarsty )with my own eyes

 but I didn't tell much about it because people didn't believe me.

laughing and saying all sorts of not good words

Now I am sure I must try to re-find what I saw and if possible to make at least a photo of the Yeti. 

Not only for me but for the whole humankind. 

I must warn .You can see Yeti (Albarsty) only if that creature allows you to do so. 

Yeti has senses which are hundreds if not thousand times more sophisticated than those of the humans. (and I am talking about the the known senses) 

So Yeti (Albarsty) will Feel, Smell, Sense you, long before you can see it.  

I am sure you can see Yeti (Albarsty) only when it's Ill or sleeps.

When the most of senses of that creature are half sleeping 

I myself saw Yeti (Albarsty) when it was sleeping and woke up when it smelled or sensed me and my brother 

I will take you to the place in Southern Kyrgyz mountains, where I met Yeti (Albarsty).

That place for long time has a bad reputation among the Nomads

Again I have to warn you. 

Do not expect to see Yeti (Albarsty) immediately after getting to that place. 

Most probably you will not see it at all. 

But at least you will enjoy the beautiful nature, trekking and meeting the Nomads. 

But maybe you will have a chance to see Yeti (Albarsty)-?

6-Days Yeti searching tour+city-tour in Özgön and Osh

Day 1.Leaving Osh-city. Getting to starting point of the Yeti (Albarsty) search.Camping.


Day 2. Start searches


Day 3. Continue searches


Day 4. Continue searches


Day 5.Trekking back to the village  Getting there. Spending a night


Day 6. Getting to Özgön city.Visiting historical complex 11th-13th century

Getting to Osh city.

City tour.Spending a night at the hotel. 



2 people group-2400 $ for the whole tour. 1200 $ per person for 6 days

3 people group-3300 $ for the whole tour. 1100 $ per person for 6 days

4 people group-4000 $ for the whole tour. 1000 $ per person for 6 days

5 people group-4750 $ for the whole tour. 950 $ per person for 6 days

6 people group-5400 $ for the whole tour. 900 $ per person for 6 days

8 people group-6800 $ for the whole tour. 850 $ per person for 6 days

10 people group-8000 $ for the whole tour. 800 $ per person for 6 days

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