Yeti in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz call it Albarsty

Yeti footprint found in Kyrgyzstan (photo from internet)
Yeti footprint found in Kyrgyzstan (photo from internet)

My name is Chyngyz Ametov


I was born in the remote mountainous region in the south of Kyrgyzstan

In the Nomad family


The place I'm talking about

 before the Russian revolution in1917 and creation of the USSR (Kyrgyzstan was part of it till the 1991)


 And till 1960th  (when the primitive  roads were built)


 Was accessible only 2-3 summer months


And only on the horse back






People in that region didn't have much money or something of that sort,

Which could attract people from other places



Also that place was not a cross road to other countries

Which could attract the merchants 


There in that region never lived many people


And  the mountains of that region were not visited by the people from the other regions

Because of  the above mentioned reasons




After the 1917 during the Soviet time due to the animosity between the USSR and the China

That region was closed not only to the foreigners but also to the  Soviet citizens who lived in other regions



After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and till now, due to the economical reasons ,people have been emigrating from that region


And number of people visiting the mountains in that region decreased





In sum: there were  never and there are  never many people living in that region 

And most of the year there were many places in that region never visited  even by the local people





Once in the land of our tribe 

My aunt has decided to camp in  the place which was not favored by the Nomads


It was situated amidst the sort of the mountainous forest


There were many things in that region ,which could not  be explained


For example: I saw the brook running absolutely noisless


And when I tied four long sticks (I got very big was about 10-meters long) I couldn't reach the bottom of the brook with that stick


The cattle many times couldn't find the way to get out of that place


They were sort of walking around


Many times the cattle just disappeared there




And the Nomads never liked to go to  camp to that place




But  my aunt has  decided to camp at that place


I don't know why. 


After spending there only one day

she decided to move away from that place. 


While moving to another place, the cows got lost


So me and my cousin brother were sent to find and bring the cows to the new camp


On the way from that place me and my cousin played the Kyrgyz national game called Chikildik


I won always and my cousin brother got jealous, angry and beat me up


I didn't know the way to the new camp 


My cousin did


Because we had a fighting we did not speak

We tried to pretend that we didn't see each other


So we tried not to  make any noise walking stealthily





It was a forested mountain about few hundred meters high


It was very steep. And the cows were walking very slowly


Me and my cousin brother too




My cousin was walking ahead of me 

From time to time I was looking at him





Looking up once more

I noticed a big rocky stone about 3-meters high. 


Suddenly I heard no noise

No Cows no birds were making any noise


I  don't know how to explain this


I just felt something is wrong


I sensed the danger




Glancing up again I saw something very big sort of brown and black


That creature shouted something than sort of pushed a rocky stone and very fast in one big running leap disappeared


The rocky stone began to roll towards me and my cousin brother


We got afraid and shouted




But I don't know why we didn't run away.

It was like we couldn't move


After some time we went up


We found the flat place where the stone was





No way the stone could be moved very easily from that place! 


The place was flat and there were contures of the rocky stone on that place


So that rocky stone was on that place for the long time





Later when we got to the new camp

I said to my aunt that I saw the very big creature


And told her the story


My aunt scolded me and forbade ever mention this story to anyone else





After seeing that creature I talked to many people in that region


 And I have found out that many people met the creatures like the one I saw




But there was the  unwritten law,  forbidding any mentioning of it to the strangers




There are  not the documented samples of the blood or the skin or the  bone of that creature in the museums or the laboratories around the world


Nowhere in the world! 




The human civilization does not know much about that creature


Only the eyewitnesses




Perhaps one day I will take someone to explore the  Albarsti (Yeti) from the Kyrgyz mountains. 






Those who are interested, please get in touch with me:   Whatsapp:+996 555 030 030