Why to buy my tours-?

The Main Reason : there are not many regions around World that still have combination of Unspoiled nature+ Still functioning ancient laws and rules, alongside with the state laws. 

Three other  reasons.

1).That region in the Southern Kyrgyzstan (visit pages : Images-1 and  Images-2 to see the photos of that territory called-Nomad Land )

 Was allowed for Non- residents  to visit only in 2012

 When Kyrgyz government made  a Visa free access to Almost  all corners of Kyrgyzstan  for citizens of 47-  countries

And abolished  USSR rule forbidding  the Non-residents to visit that region 


IT MEANS You will enjoy the Pristine Nature not yet spoiled by the mass of the people


And also you have a chance to be the First Ever  Asian, African, Australian  tourist to explore the Waterfall inside of the cave, which is itself inside of the mountain! ( visit the Introduction and the Images-2 pages to see the photos of that Cave )



2). Due to  the long, forced  isolation, which started in 1916  and lasted untill 2012,the Nomads leaving in that region managed to preserve many cultural elements, which have long ago  disappeared in other regions of the Kyrgyzstan. 

 For example:The Nomad Law.Own dialect. High Text Culture.Certain meals,Traditions,Habits,etc

 3). Because I was born  as a Nomad. 

 I was born and grew up in the  Kyrgyz mountains, ( where I take you to )

 as the Nomad !


So I know the Nomad Life, Traditions, Cuisine, History and much more, from my own experience !


YOU WILL explore the  Nomad Land with the Nomad Guide !


Not with someone who got the information about the Nomad life and the Nomad Land from videos, books or someone's tales.


Welcome to the Kyrgyz Nomad Land- ! 


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